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other good books on the American West =
Civil War = large art volumes = Guerilla warfare
then… more A.A. books will  follow…
Charles Bishop, Jr.
46 Eureka Ave., Wheeling, WV 26003
(304) 242-2937   bishopbk@comcast.net
The Bishop of Books is celebrating 41 years as
a full-time Antiquarian Bookseller-Appraiser
specializing in the Literature of Alcoholics
Anonymous and Alcoholism.
He has published 11 books on A.A. and The
History of Alcoholism as well as 13 annual AA History-
Sobriety Calendars. He is co-author with Bill Pittman of To Be
Continued…The Alcoholics Anonymous World Bibliography 1935-
Bishop has appraised the libraries of Dr. Robert H. Smith,
Co-Founder of A.A.; Ernest Kurtz, author of NOT-GOD: A History
of Alcoholics Anonymous; Clarence Snyder, Cleveland A.A.
founder; Dr. Wm. Silkworth, who wrote "The Doctor's Opinion" in
the AA Big Book; The Hazelden Archives; as well as numerous
private collections. His appraisals have never been questioned or
challenged by the IRS, insurance companies, etc.
Bishop sold his private alcoholism library of 15,000 items to
Brown University where it resides as The Chester Kirk Collection
of Alcoholics Anonymous and Alcoholism. He is a consultant for
Brown University.
Bishop published the national annual Sobriety Calendar
1990-2000, 2002 and 2009-2011.  Over the years Bishop has issued
50+ sale catalogs of Literature about Alcoholism and A.A. to his
many Fellowship customers.
Bishop served as Area 73 Archivist for West Virgina A.A. for
six years. His thousands of contacts with AA authors, historians,
collectors, addiction treatment professionals, scholars,
antiquarian booksellers and Fellowship members have aided his
Bishop served on the Board of Directors of the Institute for
Research, Education and Training on Addictions (IRETA) in
Pittsburgh, Pa.  He has presented the history of alcoholism and
A.A. programs at Bethany College and West Va. Univ. Mining
School, Gateway Center, Pa., and the Franciscan University in
Steubenville, Ohio; as well as numerous AA events.
Bishop is a 1960 B.A. Wheeling Jesuit University graduate.
For the first time, a History of Sponsorship in A.A.
48 page booklet.  The Bishop of Books, 2015,  First edition,
Limited to 200 copies, signed by author. 
        Bill W. never wrote much about sponsorship.
        Charlie wrote a lot for the first time about it.
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Charles Bishop, Jr.      304 = 242-2937
46 Eureka Ave.,  
Wheeling = WV = 26003
A  Handbook  for  New Sponsors
Hi all,
thought you might be interested…
New book… hot off the  press…
The United States of Addictions
as Charlie Sees It
Wheeling, WV, 2017, Limited 1st Edition, $17.
      Contents: drugs & pills, food, tobacco, sex,
gambling, govt., alcoholism, materialism…
the spiritual sicknesses and … recoveries!
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free copy of 100 Best Books on Alcoholism
& Recovery in American History 1774-2016
selected by Charlie B. 2016, 128pp.
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Honoring Our Mom, Mary
and her Rosary for world peace 
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